Your Last Chance To Learn Simple CheckList Trading Strategies Taught In Person By Craig Cobb!

Join Craig Cobb, a trading veteran of 19 years for the last time as he shares with you his strategies in person!
Ask questions from the creator and be immersed by other like minded traders for 2 days and then join a discord group where you can share trading ideas and trade with others using the same strategies!

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Craig Is The Leader In High-Probability, Checklist Trading Education

If you missed him in 2018 then don’t make the same mistake this time around as this will be Craig’s last series of live, in classroom events EVER. His comprehensive trading education program is designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and strategies Craig himself has been using and teaching for years. Forget trading being complicated any longer and see why Craig uses only 3 indicators for all of his trading. The 19 years Craig has spent trading has taught him that less is more. Let him show you how to sharpen your focus, trade only when opportunities are available and give you your time back to enjoy more of life and time with loved ones.

Effective Approach

The strategies taught have been handed down through generations of traders to Craig through his mentorship as a young man. They’re simple, efficient on time and easy to implement. No more confusion or overwhelm - you’ll be executing trades confidently right away!

Focused Learning

Craig has cut all the crap out of trading so that he doesn’t waste his time and you won’t be wasting yours either. He will focus only on what distinguishes a great trade from the rest of the rubbish. You won’t be sifting through irrelevant information any longer. You will be diving straight into the techniques that yield real-world results.

Maximize Your Profits

You are here for profits but you will first manage your risk. Craig is there to help you unlock limitless earning potential while also limiting and managing your downside risk in the market. He will teach you to cap what you can lose and open up the potential for profits.

Thriving Trading Community

Craig is only one guy, but we have a whole community of traders that are already trading what you are learning. In the trading Discord group you will be sharing trades, asking questions, meeting great, like-minded people and building meaningful connections with others, many of whom are sitting in the classroom with you.

So if you are ready to meet Craig Cobb and let him take you on a trading journey of simplistic, long term, proven trading strategies taught over 2-days and mixed with stories, live examples and Craig answering your questions, you need to get yourself registered now.

Don’t miss your last chance to see this trading OG on stage for the last time. Do not wait, get your spot before they are all gone and you miss out on not only an insightful education, but a thriving Discord group of traders that are as dedicated to your success as they are their own.

Enroll now and embark on a journey toward trading mastery!