Your Superpower Awaits!

Growth, we all want it, it’s an innate part of life crucial to every outcome we desire. When we were kids, we wanted to grow up. When we get a job, we want to see our growth climbing the ladder and when we start a business it is also all about growth.

Growth comes from different places, optimism and from life’s lows. We have all heard the sayings about hitting rock bottom and bouncing back, the motivational stories that inspire us, but what are we doing on a daily basis for ourselves to grow?

The Grow Me Co show is all about learning how we can look after ourselves better, how we can make sure that our actions daily are walking us in the right direction and to the destination we desire to reach. As the host of this show, my job is not to make this journey of growth about me but to bring together fascinating people with expertise and stories of redemption as well as options for those of us that desire change in our lives and are committed to taking the incremental steps to improve and grow each day to find a new balance and satisfaction in our lives.

We all have a superpower, think about it, you are really good at that one thing, you know, that thing that when you bring it out to your friends, they tell you how great you are at it. That thing you have is rarely a gift you were born with and usually based on passion and practice in whatever it is. This is what fascinates us, the superpower we all have. But what if the superpower we have is all we have, why don’t we create more superpowers that will help us be the best version of ourselves at all times, or at least operate at a more calm, passionate, sensitive, alert and loving way? The good news is that we can, we can have any super power we wish to have and we can share how we grew that super power, who helped us, what books to read, what people to learn from and little tips and tricks that got us to the point of our new powers being strong.

The Grow Me Co show is about these superpowers, it’s about growing these powers within us. But don’t worry if you don’t know what super power you want to take on next, part of the fun for this show is to just listen with an open mind, something will grab your attention and when it does, your new superpower will not only be there in front of you but there will be someone to learn from, pointers to get you started on your way and then you can start your growth trajectory in that direction. It really doesn’t matter where you are in life, the challenge is there for you to get more out of your life right now, to enjoy life more and have better relationships. This show won’t be a show about financial growth alone, nor will it be about any singular topic, that’s the beauty of this, it’s all about growth and we grow in different areas. I mean I can talk about how I found some incredible people during a period in my life that took me on a journey to allow myself to think differently, understand what ego truly is in my eyes and to work on methods to let go and stop getting in the way of my own self, I didn’t even know I was doing this until I was open to learning about it, and now, well now I am different and I am so thankful for it.

Opportunities will come at you often when you allow them to, when you’re doing the work on yourself and allowing yourself to progress. This podcast is about you, it’s about us and it’s about growth. Strap in for some eye-opening experiences, mind altering perspectives and a heck of a lot of fun along the way as we create the special life we deserve.

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